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classic damage control!


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Just received a classic but with severe battery damage on the case....looking for ideas how to clear or spare parts to retrofit






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You can buy a very small palm sander.  Sort of like this one:

Buy the sandpaper locally at a Lowells or Home Depot (if you are in the US).  The palm sander will get the big stuff.
A dremel tool with sandpaper or a grinder wheel will reach the smaller areas:


but you will have to use sand paper by hand to get the nooks and crannies. 
After you have gotten all the rust off that you can, buy a rattle can of rust-oleum and spray it.  I like this stuff myself:

You can spray a primer, then a color coat, or just a color. 
If you wanted to go nuts, you can take the metal parts to place in your town that chromes metal.  They can dunk it for you and clean all the rust right off.  Ask them how much it would cost to nickel plate it after they dunk it.  It won't cost that much more.  You will have the best chassis in town!
Or you can find some more parts for that apple..... 


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Ive had the same

Used a wire brush and sandpaper to get off most of the rust. Then a dremil with a very small wire brush. Great little device.

Used 50/50 vinegar and water to wash it ( in hopes to kill any acid left there)

Spray paint over the area

looked terrible as I had only this ugly green paint! but hopefully it stopped the corrosion.

What were the boards like??



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Mikemike690, what a great idea with the zinc paint! Most of the products I found after reading your post are specifically intended to be used on surfaces with corrosion. "Cold galvanizing" paints seem to be a similar product.



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Glimpse of the board...seems someone has done some work on it....not sure if it qualifies...

I am interested in sending it out to someone who can clean/repair it.

Only if it ends up cheaper then sourcing a new board....