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Can you recommend a SCSI PCI card for a Blue and White G3 running 8.5 - 9.2.2?


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I recently acquired a Blue and White G3 and what a beautiful machine it is (even though this one has obviously lived a hard life, judging from all the scuffs!)
I'd like to add a PCI SCSI card so I can run a Polaroid Sprintscan.
I bought an Adaptec AHA-2930CU off ebay, not realizing that apparently they make both Mac and PC firmware/bios versions of this card and i bought a PC one. It doesn't work in the Mac.

Can you recommend a SCSI card that is known to work with Classic MacOS? Thought I'd ask for advice before I play "ebay-SCSI-card-roulette" a second time.

I was thinking perhaps just the 2930 again, but this time the Mac version.
I've also seen people mention other cards such as the AHA-2940U2B and 29160N.

Or can I re-flash my current 2930CU card to Mac firmware? I googled a bit on that subject but didn't come across an answer.