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Can anyone lend a hand configuring a Shiva FastPath 5?


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@JAG Any progress on reverse engineering the 10BaseT module? Most of these come with 10Base2 coax, which is.... annoying.
I completely forgot about this idea!

I took another look at the 10Base-T module and there are three components that would need to be sourced. I’m not entirely sure what the two Valor parts are.
1. Valor PT3868 (common mode choke)
2. Valor PT3877 (choke filter)
3. MB86962 (10Base-T transceiver)

I’m barely able to use a soldering iron and have never designed an IC circuit in my life, much less reverse engineered anything (I work in the medical field and do better with squishy human parts).

I’d be willing to let someone take my 10b-t module apart however if there was a high probability the board could be copied and the required bits sourced.


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3. MB86962 (10Base-T transceiver)

Available at Questcomp.com for about $12. They have 9. They also list qty. 476 with a contact us for a quote, so no idea what the price on those is, but the most difficult part should be sourceable.