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Bypass or Break System 7 Keychain on Macintosh Classic?


New member

Is it possible to bypass or break the PowerTalk Key Chain of a system 7 Macintosh Classic?

As a gift from my wife, I got a Macintosh Classic. We bought it from a woman whos father bought it new in Germany. He has since passed away, but there might still be some files on this computer in his original words (old letters and what not) and I think it would be neat to give them back to this woman.

(the files are behind PowerTalk Key Chain, so I cannot access them, and the password passed away with the father)

Is there any way to disable, crack, bypass, etc to be able to access the files?

Any suggestions would be great.

Macintosh Classic
System Software 7.1.1
Internal SCSI ~40M Hard Drive

Thank you