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Best Apple Monitor for Quadra 700?


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Does anyone have any thoughts on the best monitor to go with the Quadra 700? I have been messing about with some LCDs, but have not been able to get one that works in terms of resolution, etc. I'd be interested in your recommendations for an LCD, but also the old CRTs Apple used to ship. I know the Quadra is capable of some pretty high resolutions.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


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I use mine with a Compaq 18" TFT8030 which doesn't have an issue with the resolutions the Quadra supports.


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The EIZO Flexscan L365 is a good choice to pair with most old Macs. The native resolution is 1024x768 (or even 1280x1024 in the larger siblings L465/L565) and it also syncs all usual Mac resolutions below. The appearance is well suited to sit next to a Mac (black and platinum versions available). I have two in daily operation and I am still pleased with the image quality. The only issue is that the internal speaker circuitry slowly dies; most likely such components will benefit from replacing old capacitors, as well.


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I have LG FLATRON L1920B which has good qualty picture, very happy

Glänzendes Panel:Nein
Bildschirmdiagonale:19 Zoll
Auflösung (empfohlen)::1280 x 1024
Helligkeit:250 cd/m²
Dynamischer Kontrast:-
Blickwinkel 10:1 (v):176 °
Blickwinkel 10:1 (h):176 °
Blickwinkel 5:1 (v):-
Blickwinkel 5:1 (h):-
Anzahl der Farben:16,70 Mio.
Bildaufbauzeit (r + f):25 ms
Bildaufbauzeit (g-2-g):-


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I use Apple CRT’s (M0401,M1297,M1212) but I have a ViewSonic va503b 15” LCD monitor that works very good with the Q700. Very nice colours for an old flat screen.
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I have a ViewSonic E70fb which I need to test with again. I was using an older adapter (also ViewSonic), which led to a green tinge over the picture.

Using the Apple-branded DA-15—DB-15 adapter they included with B&W PowerMac G3s got me nothing as well. The E70fb covers a vast array of resolutions and refresh rates, so it's a tad mind-boggling why it wouldn't work...

I thought about grabbing one of those later VS-branded adapters or even the switchless NEC adapter.

I tried to get my Sony (Vaio themed) flat panel to work—which it does with every PPC Mac I've got, thanks to a Radius Pivot cable I was given by a member—but doesn't work un-adapted. It's a shame, too, because it supports a 1:1 pixel mode.

I guess my go-to for these has always been Apple CRTs... I have an AppleColor 13" and a Multiple Sync 20" which are both problem-free, as expected. Well, the problems with the 20" are plastics related, but thats got nothing to do with electronics : P


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I've been using a Dell F173FP that I picked up at a thrift store, my 700 had the full 2MB of RAM and it works well with my DB15 converter that's set for a MultiSync 16, 640 x 480 gives some tearing, but 1152 x 870 at 75hz and 256 colors looks fantastic and works for most of the software I wanted to run on it.


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I have a ViewSonic E70fb which I need to test with again. I was using an older adapter (also ViewSonic), which led to a green tinge over the picture.
Mine did this the first few times I was messing around with it, I found that if I turned off the display and turned it back on the green tinge was gone. Also make sure you aren't accidentally using the Sync on Green settings for the adapter.


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I'll give that a try. Yeah, I couldn't get SOG to work when I was cycling through the settings, though I did get a sad Mac 🤣