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Apple Techstep I have almost all of the ROMs here and some info!


Hello everyone, I know any information on the Apple TechStep is rare and limited and being that all ROM images are now lost online I would like to share all of mine with you so that you all can keep these devices alive and in good use. The ROMs I have are located below I have everything except for the fourth and last ROM. If need be I can program any ROM to a chip for you as I have multiple available and on hand. I hope this helps the TechStep community so that these are never forgotten! I also wanted to mention that if you are looking for chips to program with these ROMs you will need either an AM27C512 28 pin PLCC or a 27C1000QC 28 pin PLCC. I have only programmed the AM27C512's so far but I'm positive the 27C1000QC will work too as it was used in other ROM models. And please if anyone has the Fourth ROM image please share it.


  • TechStep_CPU_Tests_VolumeI_v1.1.1.BIN
    64 KB · Views: 11
  • TechStep_CPU_Tests_VolumeII_v1.0.bin
    128 KB · Views: 8
  • TechStep_CPU_Tests_VolumeIII_v1.0.bin
    128 KB · Views: 7
  • TechStep_SCSI_HD_Tests_v1.0.bin
    64 KB · Views: 7