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Apple Service Technical Procedures Collection (Volumes 1-7 & Peripheral Interface Guide)


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Hello everyone I had these 7 binders full of old Apple information I wanted to share with the community and this smaller guide. I admit that the scans aren't perfect and some pages are slightly tilted. That being said all information is present and I hope someone here gets great use out of them. This covers everything from the Apple II all the way to the Macintosh SE. Everything from disk drives, monitors, printers, hard drives, keyboards, pinouts, hidden features and menus, upgrades, recalls, and everything else under the sun is covered. The link below is 3.1GB and has all of the included guides in a PDF format.



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You are awesome for uploading this.

If you want perfectly straight scans you often have to risk or agree to destruction of the materials, so in the spirit of preservation, I would say you did fine.


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Just thought I'd add a rundown of what Binders cover what for those who want to know.

  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume One
    • This book discusses how to troubleshoot the entire Apple ii family including the Apple ii/ii+/e/c, Apple III/iii+, Apple iiGS, Upgrade Cards and peripherals, and rarest of all, all documentation for the infamous Apple ii/e to iiGS upgrade.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Two
    • Describes how to troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair the Apple Silentype, Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, Scribe, and Apple Color Plotter printers. This guide also describes how to upgrade, repair, and troubleshoot the Graphics Tablet, Numeric Keypad, and the Apple JoyStick.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Three
    • This is the Third Binder in the Apple Service Technical Procedures Series. In this Binder troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading the Apple ImageWriter and ImagerWriter II is described. Also there are part numbers and multiple take a part guides, troubleshooting steps, and fault testing. Also included is a four page packet released by Apple with this binder describing the ImageWriter II. I'd like to note that this is a very, very detailed binder and a lot of information such as diagnostic and service test modes are included.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Four
    • This is the fourth iteration in the Apple Technical Procedures series. In this guide everything from diagnostics, testing, replacement, and take apart guides are described. There are part numbers and visual take apart guides, even diagrams are included. This guide covers the following monitors; Monitor II/ Apple IIe Monochrome Monitor, AppleColor Monitor 100, Flat Panel Display, Monitor IIc, ColorMonitor IIe and Iic, AppleColor RGB Monitor, and the Apple Monochrome Monitor.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Five
    • This is the Fifth iteration of the "Apple Service Technical Procedures" series. In this guide Floppy drives are mainly discussed. Everything from how to repair, troubleshoot, and upgrade the Disk II, Disk ///, ProFile, DuoDisk, Disk IIc, UniDisk 3.5 (800k External Drive), and Apple 5.25 Drive/5.25 UniDisk is described in vivid detail with many illustrations, testing solutions, chip ID's, diagrams, and part numbers.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Six
    • This guide covers upgrading the Macintosh 128k, 512k, and Macintosh Plus. It covers ROM, hard drive, case, logic board, and floppy drive upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting. Also covered in this guide is the Macintosh SE and Macintosh II, as well as their accompanying upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting, and diagnostics. Both 400k and 800k external floppy disk drives, all keyboards, including the Numeric Keypad for the Macintosh lineup up until 1987 are covered and the Key-switches used for all keyboards and how to identify compatible switches.The Hard Disk 20 is also covered and the Apple High-Res Monochrome Monitor.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Volume Seven
    • This is the seventh iteration of the "Apple Service Technical Procedures" series. This was released around March/April of 1987 to Apple Service providers. The contents are quite bizarre as it's a mix of things. Items such as the 300/1200 Modems and the Personal Modem. Also there is a strange section "You Outta Know..." which describes how to use these guides, basic support, Apple Link, duplicating diagnostics, key switch replacement (Apple II, II Plus, IIe, IIc, and III), a simplified overview of a microcontroller in Apple's perspective, dot matrix technology, and ESD protection/caution. Also included are monitor and printer tests. Once again the Apple 3.5 drive is described in vivid detail with many examples and diagrams, part numbers too. Also included is SCSI hard drive diagnostics and troubleshooting, how to repair or restore data. Also included is the Apple Talk information explaing how to set up and use Apple Talk. AppleShare is also included very briefly. Last but not least includes the "AppleTalk PC Card" section in which troubleshooting, upgrades, and repair is described. Please note I included remade section dividers that match the originals, you will see that the "Networks" section is left blank, there was no information in here I assume this is where Service Providers stored the contacts and setups for various customers.
  • Apple Service Technical Procedures Peripheral Interface Guide
    • This guide discusses pinouts and locations for peripherals, cards, the Apple ii/ii+/c/c Plus/e/GS, Apple III/iii+, the Macintosh 128k/512k(e)/Plus/SE, Macintosh ii, and Apple Lisa/Lisa ii/Macintosh XL.