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Apple High Resolution Color Display Coil Issue (Fix)


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Didn't think to take pictures, but it's self explanatory if you have this issue.

If you have an Apple High Res Color Display that has a wonky picture that can sometimes be fixed by shaking or slapping it (losing sync, losing picture, etc.) I discovered -- at least on mine, anyway -- that there's a coil that's attached to the neck of the CRT with some plastic clips. Both of the clips on mine had broken clean off, so the coil was dangling. I suspect it was shorting against the other open wires that are coiled on the neck. The plastic is old and brittle. It's kind of a black-gray-brown color all muddled together.

It discovered that the bar that the coil is wrapped around is made to be zipped tied to the plastic housing around the neck. So tacked on some super glue and zip tied it securely to the neck.

CRT now works perfectly.


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I love this kind of thread, and not only because it gives me confidence in my belief that cable ties are fundamental to stopping the universe falling to bits.

Nicely done.


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Just remember that some nylon cable tie straps will degrade over a period of years due to heat or UV.