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Apple DVI to ADC adapter does NOT work on CRT with ADC connector


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I just wanted to put that title to the post so it would pop up quickly for anyone doing a search. It never crossed my mind that this adapter wouldn't work on the CTR's with the same connector. If you have a CTR that has the ADC connector, as best as I can determine, it must be powered via the video card...the adapter doesn't work. Luckily, had a card available and it worked out pretty well...nice bright screen. The adapter is for LCD's only.


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Yes, several people have been burned by that. In addition to not being able to physically power the CRT I also believe that Apple's DVI to ADC adapter *also* only carries the digital display lines used by LCDs through it. The CRT is an analog device.



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Updated topic title for clarity.

I thought this was common knowledge, but thinking about it, I don't suppose I can think of how it would've been, for anybody who wasn't there reading about this stuff when it was new. Wikipedia and LEM don't mention it.

Those displays are beautiful, and I'll admit, it's a bit of a bummer they can't be used elsewhere or powered by an external adapter, because they've been identified as the culprit in a couple situations where the power supply on a Power Mac has failed.

One other thing that's probably worth looking out for is whether that display works on Power Mac G5s with ADC connectors. I don't happen to know that off the top of my head.



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Harry Potter couldn't help (he's on the screen)?

What would the spell be? Configuratum reparo!

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I have one of these.

It has a few nicks on the front glass, the antiglare coating has flaked off, and it has a slight convergence problem that calibrating wouldn't fix.

Also, it's heavy and takes up lots of space.

Other than that, it works and it's an okay monitor for... something, I guess?

Anyone here want it? :lol:




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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

This one has one minimal scratch lower left that is almost impossible to see when it is on. It looks great...the guy who put it on Craigs list didn't know anything about it except that it had been in storage. The screen looked awful at first with a grey web over the front that I thought was  the antiglare going bad. It definitely wasn't dust and if it was just dirt, it was fairly baked on. I used a soft cloth and, well, actually LCD screen cleaning spray, and rubbed for about 10 minutes....the cloth turned grey and the web is gone....maybe it was the remainder of the antiglare coating degenerated in storage but the result was unexpectedly good as compared with the starting point.