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Alternative Classic II FPU card


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Hi gang,

While Marcin Dymczyks FPU card is cool, it uses a hard-to-get and quite expensive TE Connectivity AMP Connector which is ~13€/14$ at a minimum order of 50€ at Digikey.

So my design available at https://github.com/axelmuhr/MacClassic2FPU uses a simple 90° Pin-Header connector (<1€) which can be found nearly everywhere and the card still fits perfectly:


Also, it gives you the possibility to use 3 types of oscillators, so you can use whatever is in your drawer:
  • SMD solder pads (SM77H)
  • DIP 14 and
  • DIP 8 pads
Finally it has all components on the front side and the main cap as close as possible to the supply pins.
Have fun with it 😉