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Alps Glidepoint Keypad


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This thing is pretty neat. It could be good for a numeric keypad game. Right now it's hooked up to my Classic drawing stupid pictures in paint. There is another on eBay still if anyone is interested. I like it so far and recommend it as a mouse replacement if you like touch-pads. I haven't got the control panel to work on 7.1, it probably needs 7.0 or 6.0.8?

Also got a brand new Apple Design Keyboard. NO yellow,wrapped up in plastic for $2 at goodwill. Gotta love goodwill except when I feel the need to wear a surgical mask around some of the creepy crawly people.. :eek:)




Yeah, I picked up a bunch of those recently too. Still in transit right now.



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Thats pretty cool. It almost looks like an Apple-made accessory for PowerBooks. :beige:

Since Alps was an Apple contractor for keyboard switches, and other components I assume, this makes sense.

I have seen the ADB touchpad only on eBay but I never bit. How well do they work?



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I found the auction and am thinking of getting one myself, I'm also curious as to just how good they are.



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I haven't done much testing besides on the Classic. I am guessing it is a whole lot better with a bigger screen and the correct OS for the control panel. Haven't had time to try it on that but otherwise it's the same as you'd imagine a trackpad on a 9inch black and white screen. It is on a speed that is a little too fast and the mouse control panel doesn't seem to change anything. The clicks on the left and right buttons are strong and don't feel cheap. The numeric keypad feels exactly like the new keyboard I have next to it. For less than $20 it's something neat to play with and look at along with the other weird mac crap. I'm trying to get some odds and ends before I can't afford any of the ebay prices anymore.