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A few random Newton questions


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So I've recently found, cleaned and resurrected my trusty old Newton 2100. It's such a cool gadget, and makes a great companion to my Color Classic II. However, it's been ages since I spent any time really playing with a Newton, so there's some stuff I'm totally confused by. In no particular order:

1. I downloaded the UNNA Archives and Mirror files and I'm trying to get some of the .pkg's installed into my Newton. I downloaded the files on my PC, used DropBox to move some of the specific packages I want onto my MacBook Pro where I have a simple FTP server running, and then pulled them into the Color Classic II via FTP. That whole process went super smoothly, but the Newton Connection Utilities simply doesn't acknowledge any of the plain .pkg files I transferred this way. A few .sit files worked fine on the CCII once I UnStuff'd them - the NCU sees the packages and installed them without issue, but since 99% of the UNNA Archive is plain PKG files, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here and would love any suggestions. Feels like something is getting scrambled - maybe I'm breaking their resource forks or something?

2. As with every other Newton owner in 2020, I'd love for my Newt to have the correct date/time. I see this patch - is it a good/working option, or is this gonna brick my Newton?

3. I bought my Newton ~13 years ago when I lived in Albuquerque, and it still uses ABQ as my default city/time-zone. How to I change that to reflect where I live now?

4. Lastly, does anyone know how I could turn a simple logo graphic on my modern Mac / PC into a suitable file (I guess a PKG?) to use as a backdrop image for Avi's Backdrop?

Thanks for any tips!




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For your Item 1:

In your download and moving around process your Mac changed the .pkg extension from the Newton type to that used by OS X. See the first pic

Here’s my procedure to undo this on a PowerBook G3 with MacOS 10.4.11

1. Do a "Get Info" on the downloaded pkg file - The second pic

2. Change the “open with” box from Installer to Package Inspector - The third pic

3. When you make the change the file automatically becomes a Newton .pkg file - The fourth pic

What I do not remember is how the computer knew about Package Inspector (or the other Newton-related applications) shown in step 2. All I  can come up with is that they were on the USB drive I used to transfer the Mac pkg file to the PowerBook and the computer found them there.

Newton & Mac pkg files.jpg

Get Info.png

Change Open with.png

Newton Extension.png