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800k floppy drive help!!!!


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I pulled out my 512kE, after about 5 or 6 months since I last used it, flip the switch, plop in the floppy, and I hear a motor continually running, and get the "Can't Find Startup" screen…. 

I shut down, poked the disk out, flipped the switch again,  and the same happens….

How do I fix this, or who do I send it to to be repaired? 

I also have a M0131 that does nothing that does nothing that needs to be repaired….

Well….  It spins the disk for a second, then does nothing…..

So…. What do I do?  Where do I go?  Who do I send to?

I've used this for the last 20 years without a problem...

…And the Donkeys on eBay are asking over $100 for a working 800k, yet, they list it as "untested", and "as is"….



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Start by cleaning and lubricating the drive. It did a dream for my SE's floppy drive. The wiki has instructions: https://wiki.68kmla.org/Floppy_Drive_Lubrication.

You will also want to clean the heads. A cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol should do the trick. Be careful not to lift the drive head too far up or you will have problems! Hopefully this fixes your issue.

Good luck! :beige:



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This happened to my Mac128k before. I bought a cheaper Apple 3.5 drive (A9M0106) to test it first before opening it. The external drive works and I eventually opened my Mac and cleaned & lubricated the internal drive. It's in fully working condition now.

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