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7100/80 video and adapters

I recently got some vram sticks for the 2mb PDS video card (thanks again SiliconInsider!) so now it can display millions of glorious colors...at 640x480. due to how I was reading the capability chart I thought maxing it out would let it get up to 1024x768, but apparently only the 4mb card can do that, and then maybe only with an applevision monitor, not just straight vga?
anyway, I've got it hooked up to a wonky old dell lcd with a db15-vga adapter but I also have one of those 10 dip switch adapters, is there any way I can boost the resolution up with what I've got, or do I need to either find a better pds video card, or a video scaler like the retrotink or ossc? I'm wanting to capture footage from it, and I'd rather not have video the size of a postage stamp. :D


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Make sure your 10 pin adapter is set to the right setting for multisync/VGA or something like a 19 or 21" setting which should make 1024x768 appear in the options or just set to a mode that would default to 1024x768.