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6200 accelerators/processor upgrades?


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I have a Macintosh Performa 6214CD, and I was recently wondering, are there any processor upgrades or accelerators for it? I know there are some for other macs that go in the processor or cache slot, but my Performa has the ROM and cache on the same card.


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I'm fairly certain that for these lower-end PowerPC Performas—save the 61xx, which were cache-nerfed Power Mac 6100s—there is no upgrade path, nor for any of the x2xx Performas.

The 6360 is upgradable via the L2 cache slot, since it was a very different architecture just in the same case design.


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You could source and slide in a 6360, 5400, 5500, 6400, 6500 board, but I think you need to add a 3.3V regulator for anything PCI to work


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For a 75MHz PowerPC 603 52xx/62xx you could upgrade with 100 or 120 MHz 603e logic board. i.e. A board from a 6300 or 6320

I don’t think I’ve seen any overclocking or other upgrades for the 75MHz boards… (or 100/120Mhz boards)

You can overclock the Quadra/LC/Performa 63x boards from 33MHz to 40MHz with some simple resistor mods. Those machines chassis/power supply are otherwise the same as the 62xx ones.


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The Quadra/LC 630? I'm working on a big index of CPU upgrades and I need more info on those machines.
The 630 takes either a board swap up to a 63*0 excluding the 6360 (or beyond with a 6360, 6400, 6500, or similar board, with mod to add 3.3v for the PCI). Alternatively there is the Apple/Daystar 601 upgrade with the gold heat sinks (also fit the LC 475 etc) that goes in the cpu socket to give a 66 or 100MHz 601 while keeping the 68040.

6200 can be board swapped for the same 63*0 boards etc with the same limitations and requirements.


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Does this include the 5300 and 6300 Performas? The Quadra/LC 630? I'm working on a big index of CPU upgrades and I need more info on those machines.
Yes. Any 63xx before the 6360 was basically a "fixed" (depending on how you see it and who you ask) x2xx Performa

Others have answered on the 040-to-PowerPC front, but were it me, I would leave it as an 040 machine. There is this resource to bump you up to the "max" 40MHz, but it requires SMD component prowess to not !@#$ up your logic board. http://www.applefool.com/clockchipping/q630.html

My 6214 board does have a regulator on the board, but I can't tell whether or not it's 3.3V
You would need to check everything very carefully. While this is not a 1:1 upgrade guide, this is a good reference on what needs to happen when modifying these "backplane" style Macs https://powercc.org/takky/ again, this is not a step-by-step, but more of a reference. It's meant for 030 "backplane" Macs.

I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it isn't. A 3.3V rail was really only needed and added for PCI Macs—it's the reason it exists on the 6360, x400, and x500 Macs of the era going forward. Most other Macs you'll see 12V and 5V, but again, my knowledge on the topic isn't exhaustive.