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6100 killed by Apple Extended Keyboard II :-(


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Hello, I put my Powermac 6100 back in service after many years. Switched on and the startup sound there. After some playing with a matching DIP switch VGA adapter I had a boot screen and the 6100 booted into the Finder.

Then I connected my Apple Extended Keyboard II and Apple mouse. These are from a 7600/166.

After turning it off and on again (power switch) the Powermac 6100 went dead. 🤪💩 Shot all connectors correctly. No bent pins.

What can I do?

Greetings Florian


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I had some starts without keyboard to set the DIP switches of the VGA adapter. Each time the Mac started. Then I got the keyboard and mouse and plugged them in.

They did not work after plugging and unplugging. So power switch off, power switch on. Only the hard disk still made noises.


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I think the service manual might say its just the ADB circuit that gets killed? It might be repairable.


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Does the machine have a working battery installed? The 6100 needs a "double tap" power up in order to boot if there is a dead/missing PRAM battery.


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Think it means you need to turn power on and off twice quickly?

The LC475 and PowerMac 6100 are two machines you can do this with, which both require a good PRAM battery to initialize video. The off and on quickly provides just enough power to initialize video when the power is restored.