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250MHz Tsunami Machines... or not


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I occasionally see casual references to 250MHz Tsunami 8600s and 9600s. I feel like this is an error, but not seeing something is never reason to believe it doesn't exist. I was about to correct a Macintosh Garden page but the frustrating thing is that it is almost impossible to prove that something doesn't exist because evidence can only prove that something does exist, and the lack of evidence doesn't actually mean that something doesn't exist, just that you don't have evidence...

Has anyone got a non-mach5 / 604ev 250, Apple branded (not third party) CPU in a Tsunami (not Kansas) machine? Can you share photos of it?

I feel like the issue is that a lot of online resources badly describe the transition between Kansas and Tsunami. I see things not explicitly defining whether their speed range is inclusive or exclusive...

My understanding is that the 233MHz processor was the fastest used in the Tsunami machines.

Does anyone know with certainty that this isn't true?


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From what Im seeing and sort of remember, the 8600 came with a 250MHz 604ev on the low end of the scale. The fastest 604e Apple shipped was 233MHz, like you mentioned.