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2022-11-21 Site Care & Feeding Updates

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Hello All,

Just wanted to let you all know that over the upcoming weekend (starting 11/25-11/27) we'll be taking care of some routine care and feeding of the web stack the site runs on. This includes:
  • Upgrading the underlying VMs to the latest distro provided php/nginx/etc. We are currently on Debian 11.
  • Upgrading XenForo to the lastest release.
  • Transitioning the database to a Linode DBaaS MySQL instance.
  • Transitioning file storage from the web host VM to a S3-alike Linode object bucket.
We believe that transitioning to cloud-native services will only increase the reliability and usefulness of the site in the long term. These maintenance items will take place over the long weekend (U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday.)

Please feel free to join us on irc.68kmla.org #68kmla for live updates while we do maintenance.

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