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2017-04-30 A mod is Gorgonops!

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Hello 68kMLA Community,

Life, the universe, and everything has gotten into the way of the day-to-day for the admin team in recent times. In order to provide a more consistent experience we've been deliberating on inviting site members to join the moderation team.

The admin team is happy to announce that Gorgonops has accepted our invitation to help steer this crazy train, providing us with experience, perspective, and the time commitment that come with volunteering to mod a lively site such as ours.

Hats off to Gorgonops,

//ulterior [wthww]



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Thanks you everyone for the votes of confidence. ;D

I do want to be clear about one thing, just in case you're someone not particularly thrilled while reading this thread: the moderator job is a *job* and I'm a strong believer in the constitutional separation of business and pleasure. As long as what you're doing isn't against the rules(*) do feel free to continue to have spirited disagreements with me. For the most part I'll just be cleaning up the spam, nuking the double-posts, etc.

(* The asterisk here is to note that the judicious application of "editorial input", both positive and... redirective, is part of the mod mandate, so if some discussion thread really starts going in the toilet in terms of civility or otherwise takes a direction that's bad for the community I'll blow the whistle. But only if it's *objectively* called for.)

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