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2011-02-09 Site Inconsistency & Slowness


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Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the inconvenience and delay recently, I don't know what it's doing at your houses, but recently the site has been a tiny bit slow for me.

The site is currently hosted on my slice, which is just a linux virtual machine on some machine in some datacenter. (I think it's in Dallas/FortWorth Texas) The slice has a quarter gig of ram and a ten gig disk (which was what my 700MHz Athlon PC had when we upgraded it so I could run the first betas of Windows Server 2003, way back when that was called "Microsoft .NET Server" -- whoa.)


I share the slice with a few other people who also mainly wanted shell access (a few megs here and there for an SSH connection, and IRSSI inside screen, plus whatever they either install+run or ask me to install for them.)

That having been said, the slice has been up nearly forever and at least one small IRC bot gets run on it, plus some other perl development and stuff, which was what I had to kill.

SO, as the next few days go by I'll be monitoring it and seeing if I need to do a reboot or reconfigure how anything runs or just move some services/tasks/usages off of it.

Thank you for your patience, and I'll be trying my hardest to actually get everything cleared up sooner rather'n later.

Also, you could PM any of the admins/moderators for this, but since I run the slice, it'd probably be best to contact me directly if you've got any questions/suggestions.