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    2022-11-21 Site Care & Feeding Updates

    Hello All, Just wanted to let you all know that over the upcoming weekend (starting 11/25-11/27) we'll be taking care of some routine care and feeding of the web stack the site runs on. This includes: Upgrading the underlying VMs to the latest distro provided php/nginx/etc. We are currently on...
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    Phase 5 Aptus CPU upgrade for C500

    Unfortunately this unit didn't come with a heatsink, which I had thought would be OK until I realized the heatsink from the OEM CPU module cannot be reused. So I need to figure out how I'm going to mount a generic heatsink like this one safely and permanently. Some other folks suggested...
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    2022-11-18 Ban Evasion & Moderation

    Hello all, We've recently had some drama revolving around an ex-member creating sock-puppet accounts to evade being banned and disrupting the site. I wanted to take a second to talk about how we handle ban-evasion and in general how we moderate. 1) The ex-member was banned ten years ago for...
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    Phase 5 Aptus CPU upgrade for C500

    As promised, attached phone pics. This came to me by way of Poland, so if the seller recognizes the item, I'd be pleased as punch to leave positive feedback on the forms!
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    Phase 5 Aptus CPU upgrade for C500

    I snagged one of these on eBay a couple months ago for a very reasonable sum as I recently got a C500 from a friend. I think it's finally time to test it out :) Will take some pics and let y'all know how it goes. Likely my best random eBay catch in a while. //wthww
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    AEK & AEK II restoration

    This is really cool, I love it!
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    2021-10-30 In Honor Of Tony Diaz

    Hello All, In the course of being an administrator for a site like the MLA, for as long as it has been around, you sometimes have to deliver bad news. It is with the greatest respect, and sadness, that I would like to inform you all Tony Diaz, a pillar of the Apple ][ and Mac communities has...
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    Oh my GAWD becky, look, at the size, of his QCOW.

    Oh my GAWD becky, look, at the size, of his QCOW.
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    [GUIDE] [WIP] QEMU 9.2.2 on Linux

    Hello All, I figured I'd make a quick how-to for my own reference and to make this a little easier for folks who may want to emulate a powermac on Linux. This will be a step-by-step for each distribution, starting with Arch because I use it daily. This will be a WIP where I add sections for...
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    DaynaFile Board

    This is amazing, thanks for taking the time @Iesca !
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    2021-09-05 Site Migration

    Hello All, The main site has been migrated. We're working on the wiki, snitz archive, and mail still. These should be completed over the day today. If you encounter any issues with the site, please report them in the bugtracker thread! Thanks, wthww
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  13. Conversion from IPS Completion Notice

    Conversion from IPS Completion Notice

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    68net - a modern SCSI to Ethernet board

    Hello, I just wanted to say your project is really awesome and I appreciate it. Thank you for doing what you do, @ronan! The moderation team has cleaned up some off-topic posts in your thread. We apologize for that, and ask that everyone remember others when posting. Everyone can make a...
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    2020-10-27 Site Version Update & Bugfixes

    Hello All, We have updated the site/theme to the latest versions, performed much needed database maintenance, migrated the gnarliest functions to redis from db/file backed, and completed some general cleaning up. In this maintenance window, the following bugs have been squashed: Friendly...