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2021-10-30 In Honor Of Tony Diaz

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Hello All,

In the course of being an administrator for a site like the MLA, for as long as it has been around, you sometimes have to deliver bad news. It is with the greatest respect, and sadness, that I would like to inform you all Tony Diaz, a pillar of the Apple ][ and Mac communities has passed away.

Tony was a dear friend of @Cory5412 and I. We learned a lot from him, and had the opportunity to see him in his element many a time at K-Fest and when he came to the Reno, NV area for the Civil Air Patrol.

It seems wrong to try and summarize someone's life, especially someone like Tony. So instead we'd ask everyone to take a moment to remember the fine folks that keep communities like ours together.

If you have a memory of Tony, or kind words to share, we've made this thread.

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