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    Powerbook 3400c powerboard

    Good point i checked the solder and its fine it makes a small squealing noise during startup on the powerboard
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    Powerbook 3400c powerboard

    My Powerbook 3400 i just bought does not want to stay on. I found out it is the powerboard under the trackpad that is bad and causing it to shutdown during startup. Is this capacitor related or something else? Thanks
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    Apple iic issue

    Thanks now after taking it apart the cables are connected to the floopy drive and keyboard so not sure what that is for. The video out connection jack is solid. Some of the wires from the weird mod disconnected and now the iic wont turn on at all after i put it back together lol I’ll deal with...
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    Apple iic issue

    I cant get the apple iic to display anything on the screen and it has a weird cord inside, whats wrong with it? When i first bought it displayed weird characters on the screen. Now no video signal. Anyone know what the weird plug is? Thanks
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    Powerbook Duo 230 appears dead

    If the power port smells like fish the capacitors leaked and could damage the board if youplug it in again
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    Powerbook 170 not powering up

    Sounds like junk to me just replace the motherboard
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    Opening Mac se

    I know this was probably posted but the issue is the screw inside the handle is stripped and I can't use the hex  tool to open the SE. Somebody put it in tight and I don't think there's another screwdriver that can fit under it. Is there another way to open it without breaking the plastics? Thanks
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    on duo 2300c hd issue

    Hello my powerbook duo 2300 has been through 5 hard drives and every single one has stopped working after being used in this duo. I know these drives have limited life but I'm sick of getting new drives for this thing and it's too suspecious that good drives keep failing only in this machine...
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    Mac se problem

    So I got this Mac se it's in really bad conditon it smells like sewage and mold. Anyway it turns on and runs but the screen is off. It was fine for a while then it adjusted itself so now it's stretched and I can't adjust it. Also the sound is really low . Any ideas? Thanks. 
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    powerbook 170 issues

    my powerbook170 that i restored works fine but after using it a while it freezes up out of nowhere and makes a speaker pop noise. is something shorting it? is it the hard drive? Thanks  also its known for getting really warm after being on a while so mabie thats it?
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    lc wont recognize scsi

    Am i supposed to set the scsi2 sd to something for it to boot properly? it wont save the settings in the scsi2 sd tools on my macbook. 
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    mac iici unfixable?

    f☆☆k you battery!!! who leaves a battery in a computer since 1991?  
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    mac iici unfixable?

    do you think its still fixable? i just turned it on it  does spin the hard drive, the light turns on and the screen output is just white. one of the ram cards were so corroded i had to throw it out.  its crazy this thing turns on. can bare traces be fixed? well after 5 minutes its dead. wow...
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    mac iici unfixable?

    so this iici turns on but has no sound and had a battery leak. i cleaned off some of it and heres is the pictures. is it fixable at this point? some of the green that goes over the traces came off when cleaning. i hope that wont desrroy it. Thanks 
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    Should it be recapped?

    I got a leftover picture from that board. I gave up and tossed the board. Hope this helps if it dont theres a post on here about the types of caps for it