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    Color Classic boot troubleshooting

    Good to hear! Did it change while you fiddled with the adjusment-pots or the software-controlled contrast? ([f it suddenly appeared and then suddenly disappeared, it might come back one day: it could also be worn or dirty adjustment-pots on the analogboard. But that’s for another day :-]
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    Color Classic boot troubleshooting

    Hi! When the color changes during use it hints at a bad connection somewhere. If the picture is purple you are probably missing the green channel and it might be fixed by checking for cracked solders on the analogboard. So a reflowing off the analogboard and espesially the connetion to the...
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    Dead SE/30 Power Supply (no fan, no voltages at floppy connector)

    You don’t need a load to test the PSU, but the voltages won’t be right until you do. @JDW have a nice video about it on YouTube. Much better if it’s just the switch, though :-)
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    Mac Color Classic unwilling to boot, how to bench test?

    I haven’t tried it myself, but read several places that you can start the CC without the logicboard. At least you should get the fan and HD spinning and have some indication of a functional analogboard?
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    Mac SE general questions

    Regarding fan noise: check out @JDW excellent YouTube video The hard drive might also be noisy at this age.
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    Color Classic - Problem with analog board

    Hi! Congratulations on new Macs! I`ve recapped two Color Classics (motherboard and analog-board), but never had to, or had the ability to, fix anything more electronically complex. The Service manual (https://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/color_classic.pdf) is great is a grate guide for fixing...
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    SE brightness instability

    Hopp! It’s hard to say if the SE, SE30 and the Color Classic suffer from the same problem. They might just need rinsing the video adjustment pots of the brightness knob (in the SEs]. Or reflowing/cleaning the the connections from the analog board?
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    Color Classic Mystic Software mod?

    Hi, in system 7.5.? you also need to ResEdit the second System-file (sorry, I don’t rember its name: “System Recourses”?). Sounds like testing the 578 in another machine is the safest bet. If not possible: cleaning the edge connector as mentioned and resetting or replacing the v-ram sims?
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    6500/5500 failure modes? Chime with no boot

    Sorry for resurrecting an old threa (I also did this before the forum meltdown). My 6500 mb also started behaving like this after a recap. Does anybody have a clue where to start looking for errors? Mine does a restart from the keyboard. I’ve tried without cache-card and moving the RAM around, a...
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    Colour Classic - Mystic - black screen

    Changed this cap one more time, and the image is stabel again! Still waiting for new pots to see if that fix the blue channel. 
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    PowerBook Duo 230 - did I kill it?

    Yes, your right! The diameter is to small. Here is pictures of my board with new caps.
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    PowerBook Duo 230 - did I kill it?

    I`ve later found pictures with caps from the motherboard and screen in different threads here, but not the powersupply. I`ll post the ones I`ve made anyway. C16 is inside a plastic cover and have to have exact dimensions and lead spacing. Altough not inside a plastic cover, measurments on C5 is...
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    Colour Classic - Mystic - black screen

    Ok, so I’ve tried a recap of the Takky analogboard. I did it halfway through with most of caps marked as important to change according to Branchus Creation here: https://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-cc-analog/ , plus most of the caps inside the video “cage” underneath the flyback. Had to take a...
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    PowerBook Duo 230 - did I kill it?

    Hi! I have a PowerBook 230 with two power bricks. Last time I turned it on was half a year ago, just to see if it still worked before I trying to sell it locally. Then the condition was unchanged from before I put it in storage: all ok, but some flickering on the screen and vertical lines...
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    Apple Adjustable Keyboard

    Finished! The keys are usable and a lot better than they where. But still not the best keyboard :-) . I also tried my first retrobrightning: diluted hydroperoxyd in a large kettle, trying to “cook” the parts at 80* C for 4 hours. It’s a lot better than it was, but it’s still more beige/yellow...