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Macintosh LC with Home-built SCSI CD Help?

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Hello! I recently found an old Toshiba XM-3301B and a random SCSI enclosure. They don't fit together properly, but it's enough for me to work with until I can get an old Apple CD SC or something. When I connect the drive to my recapped LC, nothing works. I'm passing it through my ZIP drive, which I set to ID 5 with no termination. It'll try booting but fail and flash the question mark floppy. If I reactivate the terminator on the ZIP drive, which is how I normally use it, it will boot from the ZIP, but not the internal HDD. If I load Lido 7 at this point, it sees the CD drive or SCSI ID 6 and the ZIP on 5, but not the HDD, giving an error (iirc it was a bus error). If I remove the CD drive, every thing works great. If I connect only the CD, it doesn't boot. I have terminator power set to on and the SCSI parity off on the CD drive, but this doesn't seem to help. Can anyone give me some advice on making the drive work well? Another issue I sometime have is if I disconnect the ZIP drive, the computer won't boot from the HDD. I'm guessing that's a software config issue, but I'm not sure. I'm fairly new to SCSI, so any help is appreciated! Thanks!!

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I'd say step one is to remove the zip drive from the equation so as not to add an extra layer of complexity here.  You said with only the CD drive, the system doesn't boot.  Internally, I would assume the HDD is set to ID 0.  The CD drive can be anything but 0 or 7, which is reserved for the machine.  You said you have SCSI termination power on, but what about actual termination?  Do you have a terminator connected to the other port on the SCSI enclosure?



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So, I didn't have an actual terminator, so I picked one up the other day and hooked it up. The HDD is on ID 0. The CD drive is on ID 6. Once I connected everything up, the Mac still didn't boot, ZIP or no ZIP. I found the LC is struggling to boot even with the drive alone, so when it booted, I ran a test using Lido 7, at which point, around the end, the program failed after a SCSI Sense Key 11 error, which I don't know what means. It crashed a minute later with an empty box with the "OK" button, and would not respond. With a force reboot, it would not start again. It will not boot from the ZIP in this state either. The computer needs about 10 attempts before it will see the drive again. The drive is mechanically functioning perfectly (no black rubber goop or head crashes). Any ideas of what could be wrong here? Is the controller itself on its last legs?


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