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How to right click with PowerMac 6100 with Dos Card

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Hi as above, I know the “=“ key on KB is to right the the mouse in DOS environment. However is there a mouse that supports right click? I’ve tried using 2 button ADB mouse but that just don’t right click in DOS. 

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8 hours ago, Dandu said:

You can use a 2 button ADB mouse with TheMouse2B and assign the second button to "="


But many 2 button mouse don't have a real second button, it's generally a "hold clic".


The second way is to use a serial PC mouse :D

can’t, I found TheMouse2B v1.1 on Mac Garden and I can’t assign a right click.


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3 hours ago, History_SE30_Dude said:

I had this machine in the mid 90's I could have sworn I could use control click to do the right click. It might have been a setting in Windows.

I think it’s Command+Click on these when running Windows at least. 

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