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Inkjet Printer Restoration

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What's involved in inkjet printer restoration?  Experience and a quick search reveals four main problems:


1) Rubber rollers may dry out causing feed problems


2) Plastic parts may deteriorate and break


3) Old ink may be dried out or otherwise clogging print heads


4) Finding new, compatible ink cartridges may be a problem


Are there any others?


As far as solutions, perhaps recoating rollers with fresh rubber or maybe silicon may be a remedy?  At least in the rollers I've seen, they tend to be small, so it seems a possible solution would be a DIY mold and maybe a two-part silicon rubber to remake the rollers.


For the plastic parts, I'm thinking 3D printing may be a solution there.


As for dried out/clogged print heads, running a head cleaning cycle (or several) may help, subject to being able to find ink cartridges.  Beyond that, I'm not sure.  I seem to recall soaking in isopropyl alcohol was suggested back in the day, but I vaguely recall problems with that.


And, for the last, that's probably the biggest problem.  In some models, refilling may be a solution, but many have chips that need to be reset or possibly vacuum pressure in the cartridge which may not be feasible for DIY.


Anything else?


In addition to a Color StyleWriter (2400 or 2500), I also have an Epson and an HP inkjet printer I wouldn't mind getting working again.  Or, at the very least, cleaned up to the point where continuing to sit unused won't cause problems for the print heads from dried/clogged ink.

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for printheads, I would think theres probably two slightly different wisdoms for ones that have head as part of the cartridge (meaning if you want refill an old one at least you are dealing with only one small object) versus ones that has the head as part of the printing assembly meaning if it needs a good manual cleaning its maybe more involving in pulling the assembly out into parts first instead?


regarding rollers, sometimes a printer not surprisingly can make do with one of them missing and not really care that much. I still remember the family front-facing-tray deskjet choking out something that looked like one small white wheel with a short axis through it once but somehow this wasn't critical to basic operation in any way as it still kept printing away many times afterward


for number 3+4 combined thats perhaps the nice thing about "pre-drm" printers like eg the old bubblejet-aka-stylewriter series, they won't care if you refill non-original ink into the original cartridges


anyway hope my small opinions helped?

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