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Logic board compatibility on the iMac G4?

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I have a 17" 1 GHZ iMac G4 (PowerMac6,1), and the USB ports are not working well. Generally only one works at a time, and I have to play a game of wack-a-mole every time I want to plug in my keyboard. It seems like a logic board issue to me, although it might be a power supply issue?


Assuming it is a logic board issue, I've been thinking that if I'm going to spend money on a new logic board, I may as well get a PowerMac6,3 board with a 1.25GHz processor, better graphics, and USB 2.0, since the 1GHz is a bit sluggish sometimes. Would it be possible to simply swap the 1GHz board with a 1.25GHz board or would I need to replace other parts, like the power supply, along with it?

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I swapped logic boards from the earlier models and produced a working machine from parts that had no existence in the list of specs and models. I’d be surprised if the later models were not also standard issue, apart from logic board, drive size, etc. So “probably” would be my answer — but you already knew that, right?


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