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Tech Demo: MacFlim gets sound for May the 4th

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To be honest, I didn't plan to spend that much time on it, but so many people requested it and @Crutch cornered me into implementing it by gaving me the crucial info I needed. Thank you so much!


I rewrote the whole thing maybe 5 times, but at the end, it was *totally* worth it. It is much better than the original MacFlim on almost every level (sound, better quality, consistent framerate, smaller files, etc.).


This is only a tech demo, it may or may not be integrated in the main app (because it is completely different and shares zero code. even the encoder is completely different. the file format is completely different. the playback logic is different too and simple app features like seek would be a major challenge). I rushed a bit to get something out for May the 4th, 'cause I could spend months continuing to improve it :-)


Neither binary nor the source code are yet released -- format still in flux and quite a few rough edges and stuff to finish. I'll put a binary version and a few files on the macflim.com website later (probably over the week-end at latest) so folks can test (and delivering via youtube is a huge pain due to the copyright AI).


Also, if you have a favorite clip, just let me know, because I spent several weeks with "Sweet Dreams" on a loop (for the MacPlus playback), and "Gangnam Style" (for the SE/30), and I could use some variations there...


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5 hours ago, Byrd said:

@fstark Absolutely fantastic - now with sound, we have the killer "show off" app so show all our friends!  I'd love the "Bad Apple" demo with sound, but I'm sure I can encode my own eventually.  



Weirdly, Bad Apple is both a best and a worst case: it is a best case as there is generally very little change from frames to frames. However, it curently triggers two edge cases:


First, by having 100% white or black parts, *any* missed pixel is visible. As of now, the algorithm concentrate on parts where there are the most differences, and won't care about a single wrong pixel somewhere, unless eveything else is perfect. This leads to occasional visible artifacts in bad apple. I know how to fix that, but it will end-up as yet-another-subtle-parameter to the encoder, as concentrating on lost pixels for some video will render others worse. I have the same issue when encoding scenes from 2001, as some of the spaceships may leave pixels behind...


Second, there are a few moments in the video where the image completely reverts itself. This is an absolute worst case, as every pixel have changed and the whole image have to be updated. Furthermore, the large black and white areas makes it very visible even if the artifact is only during a single frame. Also, I know how to fix this, but it needs work.


At the end, I can currently have a somewhat correct Bad Apple on a SE/30. It should be perfect later. I doubt it will look too good on a Plus.




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6 hours ago, risickwinters said:

@fstark I gotta second @Byrd, this looks really awesome! Looking forward to seeing some more and interested in the process :) wondering how I maybe able to do this myself with videos that I may have.


I unfortunately cannot upload most sample videos to youtube due to the copyright police.


I'll publish the encoder at some point, so don't worry, you'll be able to have your familiy holiday movie on your Mac :-)


I also may try to do a video on the process. My editing skills are not to good, so it may take some time to come up with something watchable...


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