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USB compatibility for PowerMacintosh 8500? Which OS versions?

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I recently won an 8500 in auction; it arrived with a KeySpan PCI USB card. Which versions of MacOS are compatible with this card, potentially?


I've seen references to OS 8.6, and 9.0 & 9.1... Any chance 8.0 could be made to work with it? I tried installing the drivers available on 8.0 and plugging in a keyboard doesn't seem to do anything.


I'm really just interested in mouse & keyboard functionality - not much use for anything else :)


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as far as I recall;

8.1 probably is the most basic usb support and 8.5/8.6 was realistically probably the minimum for normal usb support. this partially being from what the initial series of tray-loaded imacs was listed for

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Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. Once I have a working OS version & drivers installed, keyboard & mouse should begin working? No additional configuration or setup?

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I recommend using 8.5 or newer, absolute minimum, for USB compatibility. Only one sub-revision or one iMac version was shipped with USB and 8.1's USB support is, as such,
1) only available on that machine's restore CDs
2) very limited -- it may not work on PCI PowerMacs at all.


To be honest, if you want to use USB extensively, I recommend going directly to Mac OS 9.1. An 8500 should run 9.1 fine, just make sure you have ~128 megs of RAM or more.

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My PowerMac 7500 has a PCI USB/FireWire card in it.  Might be a KeySpan but I don't remember for certain.  Came in a clear, red and yellow box.


It is dual-boot.  System 8.1 on the primary internal drive and System 9.1 on the external drive, which later became an internal after the external case's power supply burned out.  USB and FireWire would work on both.  But USB (maybe FireWire too, but I don't recall using FireWire as often) was always a little dodgy under System 8.1.  Worked, but would sometimes hang, be very slow or lock up.


Works better under system 9.1.


Don't recall using a USB mouse or keyboard though.  My most common use was using USB drives.  My inkjet printer may have been USB too.  Never had problems with it, but don't remember if I used it under both 8.1 and 9.1 or not.

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