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Hey all, so Ive noticed when Ive done certain actions like loading some headers in Think C 5 or playing civilization my mouse gets extremely laggy and slow to move. It looks like a slide show. I have 8mb of ram, is that maybe the issue? Also, even after closing either program the mouse still has the laggy symptom, even after a restart. If I unplug the SE/30 then power it back on it works fine. Thanks!

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I sometimes have the problem with my mouse cable. It stays in a static position and then my mouse doesn't move as I want it to.

I have to jiggle the cable to get it back working. I suspect that something is wrong with the cable but I am not sure.

I would be very surprised if the RAM was the problem. What might be a problem is a small capacitor (or somesuch) on the motherboard but I reckon your ADB ports wouldn't work at all.

There is a little app called 'ADB Reset' that might help.

Some thoughts:

Does your mouse-ball/mouse need cleaning or a better surface to gain traction on?

Have you eliminated the ADB port as the source of the problem?

If the mouse is plugged into the keyboard, have you eliminated the keyboard cable and keyboard as the source of the problem?

For example, is the mouse equally erratic in both ADB ports? Or is it plugged into your keyboard? Do other ADB devices behave erratically in either or both of the ADB ports?

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Well, I hadn't had the computer for long and my knee jerk was that it had something to do with memory, especially considering it would happen when a heavier task would occur. But you are correct, I should have stated that I was using something like that to help in troubleshooting.

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Some processes will lock out certain levels of CPU interrupts, so the mouse movement doesn't get processed by the CPU. The classic example is during floppy disk initialization. If you move the mouse pointer while initializing a floppy disk, you'll see the pointer jump around.

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Yep, in fact I’m pretty sure the Sony driver disables (all?) interrupts during reads and writes to prevent it from getting interrupted mid-read/write as the disk spins under it, not just during initialization.

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