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Physical Mac <-> SCSI2SD <-> Emulator. A better workflow (guide)

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Hello all,

I hope the following tutorial will be helpful to those that use a scsi2sd device. I know it has been useful to me.


Up until now, in order to transfer a file to my physical mac, I had to:

a) dd contents from my scsi2sd card over to my machine

b) strip the raw partition file (2 partitions)

c) update files with mini vmac

d) combine .dsk contents to single file and write to sd


What I have achieved is:

a) Put sd card in PC

b) Use softmac to read/write/boot directly from SD and mount it as if it is an actual scsi drive


The benefits for me are plenty. First, I do not need to copy images back and forth. Secondly, both my partitions show up on both emulator and physical machine (mac plus). It is also a great way for someone to start clean with scsi2sd as softmac supports scsi emulation and therefore disk initialization, partitioning etc directly on the SD!



a) Configure softmac with standard options such as rom, ram size etc

b) Download dd for windows. We need this in order to find the 32bit path of the sd card. There might be an easier way but I use dd --list and find my sd card address (looks like \\.\Volume{a202e758-2c40-11eb-8d28-1cbfc0c5d3b0})

c) In softmac disk options, assign a random temporary file to a scsi disk (this will make sense later on)

d) Use any hex editor in order to edit an .ini file located in c:\users\[user]\appdata\roaming\emulators softmac.ini i think

e) find the entry of the file selected in c) and replace it with sd card address in b). Be careful not to include the trailing \ in the path


The reason we do the above trick with hex editor is because softmac does not accept 32bit drive paths (although it support them)


Note: I was also able too boot directly from sd using basilisk II, however it would only recognize the first partition and since basilisk does not support scsi emulation, formating tools do not work (so you cannot start from scratch)



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