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Odd issue - SE/30 crashes while booting System 7.5.3

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Hi All,

I'm a retrocollector of many different systems, and one of my beasties is a Mac SE/30.

It's being a little problematic right now and I was hoping someone could help me with my issue.

First, some background on the system. When I got it, it had leaked caps, but thankfully the battery was fine. I've successfully cleaned and recapped the board.

I've swapped out the ROM for the ROMinator II Atom, and upgraded the RAM to 20MB. I've replaced the internal HDD with a SCSI2SD.

I have a Floppy Emu as well, so I'm pretty well set to get data into the Mac as well.


I noticed something recently that I find a little odd.


System 6 goes on fine. System 7.1 goes on fine. System 7.5.3 locks up the system, regardless of whether it's booting from hard disk or floppy disk.


My current line of reasoning is that System 7.5.3 is hitting some part of the hardware that earlier versions didn't, and thus it's revealing an underlying hardware issue, possibly related to the recap.


Anyone got any ideas of what I should be looking at?





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On 4/30/2021 at 2:50 AM, cheesestraws said:


If you're using 7.5 with a ROMinator, you need to patch the system file.  Details here: https://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-se30-with-upgraded-rom/



Thanks for that! I'll give that a try shortly. Clearly my "Google Fu" was weak yesterday.


Again, thank you so much!





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You're very welcome!


In general, unless you want the ROM booting, the ROMinator II is a bit overused on the SE/30, in my opinion at least; it can cause trouble with some cards and accelerators, and it doesn't win you very much over just loading MODE32.  And, as you've found out, it does odd things with 7.5.  So if you have weird issues in future, especially compatibility with things that "ought" to work, the rominator might be a good thing to poke first. :-)

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Posted (edited)

On the other hand, if you are a maximizer like me and absolutely must have 128MB of RAM in your SE/30, the ROMinator II is awesome because it less you skip the very slowwwww memory test at boot time. I recall it has issues with some 040 accelerators but don’t really remember — and anyway, LOTS of vintage things don’t play nicely with an 040. I’ve never had any issues with a 50MHz Diimo 030. 

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