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Is this SE/30 with CRT vertical line still repairable

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Hi everyone, I came across a Mac SE/30 on a craigslist of another city. The seller says that when powered on, there's a bright vertical line on CRT and no other patterns on display.

Unfortunately the seller didn't have any tools to open the Mac to show me if the motherboard got sever damages. So for 250 dollars + shipping cost from another city. It might be a gamble.

What would be the possible cause of the bright vertical line, could it be repaired cheaply?

I heard that the bright vertical line could be the cause of cracked solder joints on the AB, but I also searched on 68kmla it could also be more sever problem like a battery bombard destroyed large part of the LB, or the UE8 is broken which will require complex repairing that I don't have the skill nor hot air stations to repair....

Should I give it a try?





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Seconded, I think it's worth the gamble.  The SE/30 is a sweet little machine and they are getting more expensive with every passing year.  We can give you guidance on repairs once you receive it, or connect you with people who can do the work for you.


Fingers crossed that it's just a simple Analog Board repair.  Although of course, you'll want to get the motherboard washed and recapped as soon as you receive the machine anyway.

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