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$10 Tekpower 18v Variable Power Supply. Plus ... Questions About It

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I found a seemingly new 18 volt Tekpower variable power supply for $10 at Goodwill the other day.  I plugged it in at the store and it seemed to work.  It was missing a screw, though, and rattled on the inside.


Got it home, opened it up, found the screw. :)


When I got it home and powered it on, it sounds like a CRT monitor buzzing when you first turn it on after a long period of time.  I assume it's the huge power transformer inside, but I've never owned one of these things, and I don't know if that's normal.  It physically vibrates when it's turned on.  A bit unnerving.  Other than that, it appears to work.

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Oh, I've got one of those from a different brand!  Identical outside, different logo.  Been using it for years, has been thoroughly reliable.


For what it's worth, mine doesn't buzz, but mine has never been subject to physical shock that would stop anything being stuck down.

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