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Mac IIsi - suggestion on replacement back power switch?

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Hi all,


I've finally resurrected my Mac IIsi, with a full recap and PSU recap/rebuild - it's working well and a nice Mac.


The momentary power switch on the back is faulty - this is the one you twist in for power when plugged in, or twisted out to let keyboard soft power do its job.  With mine twisted in or out, it remains in contact and most of the time powers up - if I get the position of the switch just right I can get back to soft power, but not reliably.


I think it's the same switch as found in Mac IIci, Quadra 700 machines.  Would anyone have a suggestion on replacement or workarounds?








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I'm pretty sure someone posted a replacement part number in these forums at some point in the last few/several years.


Unfortunately, that's all I remember.  

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