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Snow iBooks G3, G4 not considered collectible? Or all dead?

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If you reflow use liquid solder around the GPU it will  keep the balls from oxidizing from the heat. Reballing with the old lead solder is probably best if you have the equipment and expertise.



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On 5/31/2021 at 2:23 PM, A1501 said:

these had widespread issues with the motherboard,


There were two 600MHz models if I'm remembering correctly: The one with the Rage128 and the one with a Radeon, the Rage model should work fine.


If the OS9Lives CD doesn't work or isn't good, these will run 9 directly, the 9.2.2 CD from the 2003 eMac will work fine, for example. That's my go-to whenever I can, just because it's got everything needed for every system that can boot OS 9 natively maybe save the MDD'03 and it's been stable and performant on everything I've used it on.

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Hey guys, that's a great help, thanks!


As it is, the iBook seems to run just fine - no issues I can see, and nothing to suggest a problem. The battery even holds a charge for about an hour or so of use. It has a Rage128 (I think, it's in the office and I'm at home right now) but it's been running for a couple of days and has behaved perfectly.


I do have an OS 9 install CD which I think came with a blue G3 iMac I sadly no longer have, so I might give that a go - not least because it might be the better way to check the iBook's drive even works.


I must say that it is really very impressive for what it is, and I almost don't want to disturb it, so maybe I'd be better to just install Classic instead for the time being while I give it some exercise!

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