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[Buyee] Won the auction for a Color Classic II!

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Color Classic II arrived. A corner bit of plastic broke in shipping and that bit that broke off broke into a gazillion piece. Can't even puzzle it back together. Other than this, the Logic Board needs recapping and the speaker produces an extremely loud high pitch noise. I validated that it's the speaker by plugging an external one into audio out and the noise is generated on the external speaker. 


Floppy drive ejects and injects fine but doesn't read any floppy disk and makes a weird ticking noise.


Broken corner aside it works and looks really well. It's on par my with SE/30 at 33mhz but with a whole lot better screen refresh rate. Everything (including games) is a ton more smoother on the CCII vs SE/30 with Radius Pivot card and LCD monitor. All in all, I'm happy with the purchase and I cannot wait for the LB to be recapped and start using this little beast properly.



I couldn't get the HDD out no matter what I tried so I did a getto-hack. I double sided taped a bit of plastic on the upper-side of the HDD bay in the space between the HDD and the back of the case and I plugged a SCSI2SD and let it rest on it. It's a weird hack but it works and isolated the pins on the scsi2sd from the metal part really well. IMG_2148.thumb.JPG.6d5392e8b2093a859ea9c55e67d58462.JPG






IMG_2133 2.JPG

IMG_2117 2.JPG


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The logic board is now fully recapped and the baby performs nicely, with the buzzing sound being gone now after the recap! Graphic performance seems to be 2X of my 40Mhz's SE/30 and wolfenstein is a ton more smoother on it than on my external graphics card for the se/30.IMG_2170.thumb.JPG.2184a4d763b5f9c994d0adec198a11de.JPG



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The CC II was never really on my list that I wanted to collect, because they stretch the definition of the term 'compact Mac', seem to be really fragile, and also a little hard to come by, but your CCII definitely makes me reconsider.  Excellent job bringing it back to life and thanks for posting all the pics that show us all that you accomplished.

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1 hour ago, Juror22 said:

but your CCII definitely makes me reconsider

I was a die hard fan on the se/30 - perfect size and form, easy to get into and work on. Expanded mine with everything from networking to an accelerator and a graphics card, however - it lost its compact sense in a way. The CCII is a tradeoff between it's compactness and power. At this point, the CCII is just as fast and offers the exact same thing a SE/30 + 40Mhz 030 accelerator + graphics card  + external screen does in less desk space, while only loosing external floppy drive support (and some minuses on ease-of-access to the floppy drive and HDD - you have to remove the analog board and shield or else your in for a bad time). 


I actually love it - it's fast and the screen is amazing. If I ever manage to snag a 040 upgrade for it it's game over on searching for the perfect mac :D

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And the journey is now completed! I equipped my CCII with a Sonnet Presto Plus 040 upgrade and my goal of being able to play Doom on a 68K Mac has been achieved. It runs in Small Graphics Mode and with Music Off (I have a doom soundtrack CD that I put in the AppleCD 300 and let it play - hacks workaround) but it runs and I'm quite happy. Going from a 56K modem to a 10BaseT ethernet connection is a nice bonus too :D.


Already had 8.0 installed on my CCII before the upgrade to the sonnet and it's playing nicely together, tho for some reason 8.0 seems more sluggish now on an 040 rather than the 33mhz 030 tho performance has been increased a ton judging by the benchmark scores. It's almost on par with a Quadra 650, but looses a bit on the graphics department.


Last time I benchmarked the CCII without an upgrade I forgot to save the data so I don't have a direct comparison but I clocked it against my 40Mhz SE/30 and a stock SE/30. 


Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2.jpg

Picture 3.jpg

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