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Performa 6400 - Is the TV tuner FM radio-capable?

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Recently I've picked up a Performa 6400, a 200MHz model with maxed out RAM, cache, and the AV/TV option. Obviously, the analog TV part of it has become entirely useless, unless I were to mess around with getting an analog TV signal going around the house.


However, I've been wondering, can the TV tuner card be used for FM radio reception? This would be fun to tinker with, but I cannot seem to figure out if the 6400's TV tuner card is capable of it. A service manual seemed to imply it does, but I've tried the Apple FM Radio extension and app, which tells me an FM radio device isn't installed. I have seen 6500s with separate jacks for radio and TV, so I'm guessing this might have been an error in the service manual. Though I'm also not certain if the extension and app are for all FM Radio capable Macs, or specific to a different model like the TAM. 


Has anyone by any chance messed with this before? I'd love to receive analog FM radio with my Mac for as long as FM is still going, and it'd make the TV tuner card less pointless :lol:

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daniel, as far as I know the tv-only tuner card was one single shield-covered 'brick' on the pcb [matched to a single coaxial port] while the tv/fm card actually had two pcb 'bricks' and coaxial ports altogether, and from what little online browsing experience I've had the latter seem to be rare to find


and I agree: the tv tuner card itself indeed is mostly neutered these days except for if you wanted to use it to feed a vcr, pre-disc game console, etc directly through there as to keep the composite-in port free for 'something else' at same time

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fizzbinn yeah I really suspect that apple likely simply reused the same/similar chips in a new personality/'wing' card package and also by the same token its likely certain macos9-era pci cards existed or were planned to use the aux video-in purpose hence some variations of these wings not surprisingly unofficially supporting the tv tuner card

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