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vintage apple av cables?

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so for context I had been checking ebay once in a while with certain keywords and this one recently turned up for 'apple pci'




now mm I'm just curious if these kind of cables were actually indeed sold by apple before? the quality of the microphone cable and these particular symbol stamps on it made me strongly suspect as much


thanks for letting me know about my curiousity :)

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Not sold separately, but yes those are Apple cables.  They were included with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.  Apple also sold AV cables in the early 00s when the 3.5MM jack on the iBooks (PowerBooks as well?) could be used for both audio and video (composite).


Interesting that the auction is worded such that it would appear the two slot PCI riser is for the TAM when it very much isn't.  Yes, you can use it with the fat back removed and it will work, but it's for/from a 64/6500 not a TAM.

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