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68K Toolbox Project: Retro Serial Sync

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15 hours ago, Crutch said:

I would normally expect about 1K (I think there is some compression involved so the size isn’t constant?) per 32x32 cicn, so if you have a bunch size can grow fast at this scale.  However those look smaller so I am surprised they take up so much space.  In ResEdit you can choose the 4-bit color palette from the menu then choose “Recolor Using Palette,” see if that helps?


If you wanted to be super space efficient, I would just include cicns for the blank button, then 1-bit ICONs for each button “icon” and overlay that on the respective buttons with srcOr before drawing on-screen, either in black or (for dimmed buttons) RGB gray.  You would lose the trash can gradient but I am not sure that matters.


Thanks for that info. I am going to put that on the to-do list for the future. "premature optimization" being what it is... It may not be worth doing of course. 

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On 4/30/2021 at 11:41 PM, Frobozz said:

MacTech (really MacTutor) articles. A couple of articles on CDEFs in general, but without pictures it's sometimes a bit hard to understand what's going on. 


Just in case you want to look up some more MacTutor articles there's a CD with all the example code and every article in Think Reference format (pictures included!)



Thanks for all your detailed posting. It's quite fun to follow along a new program being written.

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