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Hi all!


So I recently picked up a Power Macintosh 7500! It worked, too!


It didn't have a hard drive...so I got a SCSI2SD v5.2 and after some wrangling I'm getting it to boot up most of the time with OS 7.5.5 or 7.6.1!


However, it is still experiencing problems :(


Whenever I try to copy a lot of data, it locks up entirely!! When it does so, at first I can move the mouse around...but not do anything. Eventually the mouse locks up too.


When it locks up, the access light on the SCSI2SD lights up and stays on solid.


What do you think? Is it a problem with the computer, or the scsi2sd? Maybe a setting on the scsi2sd?

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I tried running the scsi2sd with the usb plugged in and my computer set to Log the SCSI data...


When the issue occurs, the data stream from the scsi2sd stops immediately, and the log shows a reset message...but the scsi2sd-util app locks up completely!


Even when I power off the Macintosh, the activity light on the scsi2sd stays on solid and the app still doesn't respond.


It stays locked up until I pull the usb cord.


I have tried tuning on/off all the options in the util, so I don't think it's one of them.


I tried it on Slow mode...it got farther along in the 7.6.1 setup, but still crashed.

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Given that the compute worked fine with its original hard disk when you started, I don't really think it's the computer itself or the RAM. You can test the RAM with software like techtool pro, if I remember correctly.


Kind of backing up a bit, I'm curious how the scsi2sd is mounted, where's it sitting, is it protected from metal? The SCSI2SD has exposed traces on the bottom and if you set it on metal it could short something and cause problems.


The other thing to look at is termination. If you don't have another device with termination you may need to enable termination on the scsi2sd itself.


On my 8600 I ended up putting the scsi2sd (I used a v6 but a v5 should work in this system)_ on the plastic 5.25 disk mounting plate in the bottom of the chasis.


If you had the Apple plastic disk mount or taped your scsi2sd to like an index card taht should be good enough.




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No - the computer showed up without a hdd! So I never got to test it with an actual hdd :(


I've got the scsi2sd on the plastic hdd chassis, inside a anti-static bag.


BUT! I think I've just found my solution!!


It was the power!!!


It should have been getting enough power from the scsi termination, and was getting enough for most access, but it was bottoming out when there was a lot of activity! Plugged in the 5v connector and it started working!!! Mac OS 8.1 installed with no problem!


Now I have to check the psu for voltage levels...

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Yay! Great to hear this is working now!


And, yeah, check on the power supply. I don't know if anyone's started looking at power supply replacments for this series yet so I don't know what the status is of that but at least you can use it for now if it's good.

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