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SCSI-2-SD Setup Advice

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I'm new to the world of SCSI-2-SD, though I've been using a FloppyEmu for a while now with no major issues. I purchased an external SCSI-2-SD (v5.5) so I can make a back-up of the SuperSE's internal drive, share the contents of the drive with the previous owner, and transfer files between the SuperSE and my modern Mac when I get the internal drive formatted and System 7.1 installed.


I created a volume image on the microSD card that I ordered with the SCSI-2-SD, but it will not mount or show up on the vintage Macs. The image was successfully initialized in Mini vMac, where it appears to work just fine.


Is there something I'm missing? I've looked at the pinned thread on configuring the SCSI-2-SD, and I'm now wondering I need to update the firmware or change some settings? Unfortunately, I can't find a microUSB-to-USB cable to connect into the SCSI-2-SD so I may have to wait if this is the case.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried this on a couple different vintage Macs, all with the same results.

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The SCSI2SD doesn't work with images the way FloppyEmu does.


You need to use the SCSI2SD utility to configure the device how you want it to work, w/respect to the card you have in it and the system you're going to connect to it , then connect it to the machine you're going to use it with and format it and put data on it like it was a hard disk.


Among the options that you may elect to change are the way the device presents itself to the OS, you can make the SCSI2SD pretend to be an Apple hard disk, although I didn't do this with mine, I ended up leaving mine as default and using LaCie's SilverLining utility to format the disk. Everybody prefers a different utility so it's really a matter of what's compatible with your computer configuration and what ends up working and/or you get your hands on first. 


It is possible to pre-load data onto them, but the way that I've seen work best is when you lay down an image of someone else's prepped SD card on your own.



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I knew it was going to be different, but I wasn't sure how much configuration I'd have to do in regards to the firmware.


The system I'm running it on is a Macintosh SE with an '030 accelerator card (hence why I couldn't just use the FloppyEmu in HD-20 mode.) It seems like most people have an image with an OS on it, but I just have a blank image as I want to use it to get files off the existing internal drive.

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