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Newton BASIC (just what it says, BASIC on the Newton) and NewtCard (a Hypercard clone) released into the wild

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Anyone tried to get these to work? I've loaded both into Einstein, and sadly both request a serial number...which I can't seem to find.

I wonder if this is something we're going to need to patch out of it, or maybe (hopefully!) it's in some of the additional documentation buried amongst the code.....


I guess I'll have to crack out NTK and take a peek at what's going on!

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So whilst there seems to be an issue sorting out the source code, I found a stuffit archive inside the NS Basic 4 source folder which contained the NewtCard source which wasn't corrupt (hooray!)


Inside there I searched the source for "serial" and found the routine to check it: (x-10000017)%127=0


I generated my own serial number by choosing a number, 20, multiplying it by 127 and adding 10000017, which gave me 10002557.


And that serial, amazingly, works in both NewtCard and NS Basic to make the app work :)

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Brilliant. Well it looks brilliant to me, at any rate, because I wouldn’t know what I was dong poking around in there. Would that routine be visible only in the source code, do you suppose, or could something be used to sniff it out in a NewtOS pkg file?

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Honestly, the way Newton packages are "compiled" would mean that if you knew what you were looking for, you probably could work it out.


(Thing is, you'd still need a copy of the "real" package, and that probably came on a floppy disk when you bought the software - but at the point you've got that you probably also had a pirated serial. So perhaps this wasn't too Naiive)


Having the source makes it much easier to find, though!


What amazes me most is that I know Newtons have a "device ID" tied to the username - a lot of software from the era uses that as part of the key generation process, but this doesn't. *That* would solve the "borrowed a key from a friend" piracy.

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