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IDE to SATA adaptor for Power Mac G4 Digital Audio

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I ended up buying a G4 (733 Digital Audio) the other night on eBay - really nice machine, but the spinning drives sound like they might be on the way out.


Can anybody recommend a IDE to SATA adaptor that will fit in the G4? All the ones on eBay/Amazon seem to be for 2.5” laptop sized, and not 3.5 for desktop. Are the connectors a different size? Any recommendations (in terms of comparability, etc) greatly appreciated!

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Not really your situation but a few years ago I tried some SSDs in a G4 with a Sonnet SATA card. I tried an Intel and one I don't recall the name of right now. They worked for a day or two before the G4 would no longer see them. I'd have to reformat and reinstall the software, then they'd be good for a day or two again.. The one that did work flawlessly was a Samsung.

I installed the Intel one in a Macbook where it worked without issue.

Since then they've changed drive models so this may not apply anymore.

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