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Almost certainly not. If it will run then it will probably either:

  • run poorly
  • critical functionality will be missing

The first version of the QuickSilver is essentially a re-painted Digital Audio board, the second version ("QuickSilver 2002") has some slight hardware changes that make even the QS01 and Digital Audio's OS preloads work poorly on them, I believe it's the Ethernet PHY so the dA's preload of 9.1 will "run" but you will not get networking.


I have had the best success on these and other Macs form this era by using the 2003 eMac install CD to put 9.2.2 on them.


If you need 8.6 for some application or stability reason, I recommend getting a Yikes or a Sawtooth or upgrading a blue-white G3 with a G4, if you have some G4-specific need.

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