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Case Screen Printing Variation (error?) on Quadra 700

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of the case screen printing varied on the same model, or if it changed during its run, or if it's just a one-off error? Not looking at "collector gold" here, just curious more than anything :) 


I noticed this on my recently acquired Quadra 700, compared to my well-yellowed specimen:
A (left)   B (right)


Anyhow, just curious if anyone has noticed this.

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My first thought was that one was made earlier than the other and they were made in different plants...but that fell flat when I took a cursory glance at everyone's favorite auction site:




Both are 1992 machines from the Fremont plant and yet one has text aligned like the machine on the left in your pic, and one has text aligned like the machine on the right.  Personally I think the left looks more "correct", though it would be interesting to see what Apple's marketing materials show.

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4 hours ago, EvilCapitalist said:

funnily enough, that's "A" in my first post ;) 
Looking at "B", the date off the serial, F12176TUC84, is the week of May 20th 1991? that's what myoldmac.net said (well, it said 1981, but I think there's something off there...) 


Also another weird corollary, or set of corollaries:
"A" has a revision sticker, "B" does not.
"A"s case I/O shielding has a 3rd NuBus cutout, where "B"s does not.


Ignore the board (I was demoing a Wombat board fitting in the Q700 case)

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