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question about dd command

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Hello all,


I have been using scsi2sd and mini vmac and transferring images back and forth.


I think I am doing something wrong with writing sd can using dd, because the mac will not boot. When I write the same image file to the same sd card with balena etcher, it works fine.


Could you please tell me if you see something wrong with the following command? Thanks in advance


dd if=image of=\\.\Volume{......} bs=1M

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Sorry I should have mentioned it is dd for windows, and the command is executed without errors

(it says 1024+0 records in/out which is as expected for a 1gb image).


Maybe it is a bug of dd for windows.

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9 hours ago, Daniël Oosterhuis said:

Ah. I personally wouldn't use DD on Windows, due to the fact it's not a "native" utility for that OS, unlike on Unix and Linux based operating systems.


Well, whether or not it's "native", Windows does all sorts of things in problematic ways that make something that should be and usually is 100% consistent and reliable in to something inconsistent.


If you were interested, you could `dd` on Windows, then `dd` on a real operating system, then compare the Windows image with the file that was supposed to be imaged, but it's up to you whether you want to figure out what's really going on. If Balena works, then that's much better than `dd` on Windows.


BTW - we can't tell you whether that `dd` command makes sense because you didn't send the command. We can't possibly know what you put in for {.....}.

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