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Quicksilver 2002 Parts Diagram or List

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Hey all, got my QS 2002 out for the weekend. Decided to put a SATA card and extra hard drive in it for more storage, when I discovered that it only had one hard drive tray installed, which was already occupied. Bummer. 


Does anyone have a diagram or parts list with part numbers for all the various internal fitments the system could ship with? Would be useful to figure out if I'm missing anything else and order what I need. 

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The QS normally shipped with 2x Single Drive Caddies ( HH-805-2244-B ) and one Dual Drive Caddy ( HH-805-2322-A ).


If you're in the US, let me know if you might be in use of one or more of them and we'll see if we can come to some arrangement;-)


The Dual caddy may only work in the rear most slot under the fan as cabling and wifi card cage may interfere with the upper stacked drive.

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Oh you're wonderful. My QS02 only had its middle, single caddy installed when I acquired. Not sure if I have the screws for the other two caddies, but I know the trays themselves are missing. That was a rude thing to discover, haha. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you. 

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