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Dasm + ftohex, bchunk and wavpack tiny for Windows nt 6.3 console (armv7, aarch64, x32, and x64)

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Windows 8.1 console programs provided as is. These were crossed over with llvm-mingw v11.0 on a RT 8.1 local host.  For some odd reason bchunk built without error for x86 (32 and 64 bits) using armv7 wsock lib; resulting program starts without error on a x86_64 Windows 8.1 local host so decided to include it.  You need 7zip to extract these.


Included armv7 binary copies without certificate patched in.  Windows RT 8.1 users can optionally patch these with a certificate using a preferred method if desired.


Special thanks to romhacking.net forum member elmer for bchunk patch https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=23436.msg327715#msg327715, and mstorjo github member for llvm-mingw.


You assume all risks and responsibilities.



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@Byrd Good question!


On the surface, they seem to have something to do with some kind of ROM hacking, but without clarification by the OP, it's anyone's guess....


....looks at provided romhacking.net link....


OK, looks like some kind of thread dedicated to patching some games from the 90s.  Maybe part of the point of posting it here is that it could be somehow, some way applicable to classic Macs?



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Okay, so, this is not the first time this kind of stuff has been posted here with absolutely no explanation, so I've deleted the files. This is not some kind of malware mirror site, and if it's not malware the OP owes a clear explanation as to how this is relevant to the focus of this forum and why they believe the audience here might be interested in it.


Thread locked.

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